What should I do in a situation when my child is not able to swallow the capsule ?

A good solution to such situation can be cutting the capsule and squizing out the content onto the spoon. It could be also added to the food or drink.

What does it mean that different types of oil that can be found in GAL portfolio are cold-pressed?

Method of coldpressing had been used already in the ancient times. It ensures extracting oils of highest quality, rich in essential unsaturated fatty acids. Coldpressing is conducted in the temperature not higher than 40°C, without using chemical substances (solvents), which facilitate extracting oil from seeds. For securing essential unsaturated fatty acids whole process is usually processed under the coverage of nitrogen. By using only mechanical processes without the use of light and air oil of the best quality can be achieved and that also ensures its bio-availability.

What are dietary supplements?

Dietary supplements are designed to complete insufficient level of vital for human body substances that are nutritious or have important physiological properties to ensure proper functioning of human body.

Should children be given fatty acids?

In scientific literature we can find many notes stating that unsaturated fatty acids are crucial ingredient of school children diet to ensure sufficient amount of essential unsaturated fatty acids. Insufficient level of these substances can lead to health weakening (for example immunity impairment or arterioscleros) and difficulties with learning. Many authors in their scientific thesis note that there is evidence for positive influence of essential unsaturated fatty acids on child’s physical and mental development (especially for such functions as: immunity, ability to concentrate better, faster development and brain, eye and circulatory system).

How do fatty acid work?

Supplementation of essential unsaturated fatty acids like EPA, DHA and GLA has a positive influence on the ability of learning and behaving. These acids are components of human brain and retina. Each of fatty acids has particular properties and has different influence on human body. EPA acid supports the right performance of brain and stabilizes DHA and AA substances in membrance of neural cells providing their right functioning. GLA in human body converts itself into AA substance, which is especially important in performing such processes as learning and remembering. DHA acid builds the structure of brain cells membance, which is vital in early stage of brain development.

Does product GALOMEGA IQ fully substitute cod-liver oil?

According to the opinion given by specially conducted research on GAL company request this preparation is designed to supplement everyday diet with essential unsaturated fatty acids from Omega-3 and Omega-6, that due to specially combined proportion of EPA, DHA and GLA acids have positive influence on the processes of learning and concentration. This product is recommended for children and teenagers who find it hard to remember new things and knowledge acquisition.

At what age children can start taking Galomega Formuła IQ?

Dietary supplement Galomega IQ can be given to children who are 3 or more years old. At this age EPA acid starts to be more important than EHA acid for child’s body development. Before giving the preparation it is best to consult the doctor for individual recommendation.

Can Gal products be taken simultaneously with other medical products without any concern that there could appear negative side effects?

So far no chemical reaction between dietary supplements and drugs has been observed. It is advised though that in case of specialised medical treatment doctor’s or pharmacist’s opinion should be consulted.

Who should use GAL products?

GAL products are designed for everyone who cares about their health and right body development. In our portfolio we have products for adults as well as for children and teenagers. Right product should be chosen based on individual needs.

Are all preparations manufactured with the use of natural ingredients?

Yes, all our preparations are manufactured on the basis of natural ingredients.

Where are GAL products available?

GAL products are available to buy in pharmacies and in shops with herbal products.

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